Mission Statement:


Bombazo is a non-profit dance company, who's mission is to showcase choreographies that have been influenced and inspired by  traditional folkloric elements drawn from our history as Americans and as Latinos. Taking those main ingredients and mixing them with classical, contemporary and social styles of dance, thus creating a new movement vocabulary; yet still preserving the authenticity of our culture.

As choreographer and artistic director, I want audiences to experience how a simple element can be taken to new heights and beyond. And to further enrich the knowledge of all who come and support our dance concerts, within the universal language of dance!

                                   - Milteri

Help us continue our mission! This company is full of young professional talent

who shares their passion with and for the community. All gift donations will go to continue workshops, rehearsal space and production needs.

   Every and any amount counts! Thanking you in advance for your gift! Lets keep DANCE and ART alive for our future generations!!!!

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photos by Livia Nieves